About Us

At OCC, our customers obtain not only the best product, it is the standard, but exclusively the benefits obtained by our pre-sales support and after service. Our IT solutions
and services are trusted by many corporate and public sector customers.

We are certain that Lifecycle management is a crucial process for any business to consider costs, compliance, facilitate upgrades, planning of IT deployments, and changes within
the infrastructure thus we focus on integration of business processes with the full array
of services we offer.

In order to become a long-term IT partner, we recognise the importance of an end-to-end IT service and solution offered.

  • Developing the most effective IT solutions is:
  • an essential factor in the success of IT Services through after-sales market.
    • First, the solution will be created.
    • then it will be validated and enhanced.
  • Moreover, the solution is improved due to the continuing process.

As a result, operational gains will be delivered, your investment maximised and your IT environment will be aligned with your business goals. Our technicians are highly knowledgeable and are in-touch with the latest industry innovations in computers, servers, networks computing technologies.

Why Choose Us?

1. Customer Oriented Approach

Our approach is based on tailored and customised solutions from the configuration of laptops to long term managed service contracts. In order to become a long term IT partner, we recognise the importance of stability both in terms of the company and people. Our IT solutions and services are trusted by many corporate and public sector customers.

2. The Benefits Achieved

Our goal is to provide you with the highest standards of technology knowledge and technical support and maintenance so that your business remains secure and leverage technology to give you a competitive edge in the marketplace. We deliver the superior quality and complete you satisfaction with every aspect of our service.

3. Pre-Sales and After-Sales Support.

We offer information about IT products, accessories, and usage of IT technologies through catalogues, datasheets, and configurations, moreover, consultations on functionality, compatibility, along with the stabilization are available.
There are not only presentations available on various topics, such as our products, technologies and usage for customers and resellers, but also Business Partner Training which can be essential for the implementation of all the products mentioned above.
OCC provides Technical Support of IT products and technologies, together with Recovery Media, drivers and software, and Support for data recovery. There are also consultations before warranty claim procedure, handling, and forwarding of complaints available.