Recycle & Resell Centre

Our Earth; Our Responsibility

At OCC, we believe Recycling is everyone’s business to contribute. OCC is focused to environment sustainability taking an effective attitude to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle electronic products in order to minimize our impact on the environment.

Due to the increasing amount of up-to-date IT technology when the businesses, along with the customers, need to modernize their electronic devices in order to meet the demands of a competitive market we replace electronics quickly and efficiently. One of our strengths is the ability to develop truly innovative products to satisfy consumer requirements. Together with replacing electronics we always aim to provide our customers with the resell and recycle solution which will do everything to minimize the impact of the carbon emissions.

When lifecycle continuation is an unachievable goal; recycle your electronics with us; you are guaranteed to have all your confidential information wiped off the servers and the electronics will be recycled environmentally responsible.

  • Identifying materials that have no longer a beneficial effect/influence on the device as a whole, our Recycling Centre is to help every size and type of businesses and organizations, in the Czech Republic and abroad, dispose of their electronic waste, and electrical equipment from laptops to servers, to cables, etc.
  • Our service specialised in selling electronic devices offers a complete network of guaranteed reselling channels into secondary markets. As a result, our company´s desire is to strengthen the role of brand when customers remain loyal to us.
    • We are convinced that by testing and evaluating items collected in our Resell Centre some electronics are still capable of extending their life in order to be resold afterwards.
    • We believe that the more computers recycled the greener planet is
  • Effective cost solution is guaranteed for all your recycled electronics while experiencing first class customer service.

To resell as many devices as possible for a reasonable and fair price, the more environmentally harmful items will be diverted from the landfill minimasing wasted energy and materials.