Lifecycle Management

We will find the real value of your IT environment

First of all, the design has to be developed so we determine which changes and improvements have to be made in order to recognize the need our customer requires. To realise the process from the design to the lifecycle start up, several steps are to be exploited. To create an effective life cycle design, we must first identify what your goal/proposal is. The life cycle strategy is established through our IT Services when the milestones are developed and followed the applications throughout their life cycle. Our Pre-Sales Support is offered in this step.

After, there is a question whether the product will be purchased or rented. OCC provides server rentals for all corporate needs, such as: disaster recovery response, data center migration, upgrades and more. Through our state-of-the-art carrier grade national network, housed at strategic locations in Pilsen and Prague, our customers can leverage a highly secure and flexible infrastructure for all their IT and communications related requirements, without the need to install and maintain equipment and systems themselves.

Maintenance is another part of ICT Lifecycle Management necessary to consider. Applying our full array of After-sales Support, Repair service, Parts Management, and Reserve Logistics aims to ensure your hardware remains operational to keep your business running.
We proactively monitor your IT infrastructure and set alerts to notify us ahead of incidents so we can take appropriate action.

With disposal of products, OCC is focused to environment sustainability taking an effective attitude to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle electronic products in order to minimize our impact on the environment. Together with replacing electronics we always aim to provide our customers with the resell and recycle solution. When lifecycle continuation is an unachievable goal; you are guaranteed to have all your confidential information wiped off the servers and the electronics will be recycled environmentally responsible. OCC can provide you with the following services: asset refurbishment to extend lifecycle, resale of cleansed assets via our approved partners, asset disposal and recycling in accordance with the approved suppliers along with the secure destruction of any corporate data.