We recognise the importance of an end-to-end IT service and solution offered. Moreover, as a dedicated repair service provider, we offer remarkable, and cost effective first time repair. Through our logistics and distribution service we deliver your devices on our commitments and service level expectations so that your business remains secure, and you can focus on running your business.

  • OCC offers high-quality, affordable computer repair and troubleshooting services, plus a range of IT services including data backup and recovery, security services, remote support services, and managed services.

  • IT Support can be delivered through various media, including e-mail, live chat, telephones, applications and technicians. Based on company’s requirements there are different types of support such as: Online Self-Help Support, Live assisted Incident Support, and Self-service automation.

OCC is the best solution for your ITC Technologies.

Developing the most effective IT solution is a crucial factor in the success of IT Services provided through the after-sales market.

Customer Care

Our customers receive the superior quality of IT service and professional support. They obtain not only the best product, it is the standard, but exclusively the benefits achieved by the service.

Repair & Refurbish Centre

Offering remarkable, high-quality computer/laptop repair we provide cost effective laptop repair and excellent customer service while refurbishing and supporting recycling of electronic equipment.

Server Rentals

We offer various types of computer rental for business events, with the best rental rates, not only nationwide but also abroad – from desktops and laptops to high performance servers.

Recycle & Resell Centre

OCC is focused on environment sustainability taking an attitude to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle products in order to minimise our impact on the environment.

Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle management is a crucial process for any business to concern costs, compliance, facilitate upgrades, planning of IT deployments, and changes within the infrastructure.

Parts Management

We are certain that the balance between the availability of parts together with the financial risks associated with excess and obsolete inventory are essential in after market management.