Customer Care

At OCC, we are certain that the experience achieved by the end-users is crucial in the services which are delivered. Our approach is based on tailored and customised solutions designed by our customer´s needs and requirements. Considering all options, our customers are provided with the outstanding support solution which will align the business strategy. Our IT solutions and services are trusted by many corporate and public sector customers.

IT Support can be delivered through various media, including e-mail, live chat, telephones, applications and technicians. Based on company’s requirements there are different types of support such as:
Online Self-Help Support, Live assisted Incident Support, and Self-service automation.

Whatever choice of being informed and answered, our customers are offered beyond the scope of a full array of IT Support which is essential benefit of ours.

Above all, OCC´s core is to satisfy our customers exactly because they are considered to be the crucial factor in providing end-to-end IT service and solution.