OCC offers benefits obtained by pre-sales and after-service support

As a dedicated repair service provider, we offer remarkable, and cost effective first time repair. Through our logistics and distribution service we deliver your devices on our commitments.

IT Service Provider

Our customers receive not only the superior quality of IT service and technical support and maintenance but also exclusively benefits, in fact, the benefits are the core of OCC.

Repair Centre

As a trusted repair service provider, we offer quick diagnosis and repair service both convenient and precise delivering remarkable and high-quality standards.

Smart Solutions

We offer the installation of a smart solution for home or corporate environment. In collaboration with leading intelligent technology vendors, we can automate the house to save up to 50,000 manual operations per year.

Customer Care

Our integrated logistics warehousing and distribution service plans how to distribute products, but also how to bring back customer returns and obsolete products. Managing returns effectively lets you recapture value.

Parts Management

We are certain that the balance between the availability of parts together with the financial risks associated with excess and obsolete inventory are essential in after market management.

Recycle & Resell Centre

OCC naturally benefits the environment by refurbishing, refreshing and recertifying products suggesting you the choice to save money while doing your part in saving the planet.